Sunday, April 12, 2015


If you've ever been intrigued by the notion of arcade collecting, or just long for the nostalgia the thoughts of your old gaming days brings, then welcome to the fascinating and always exciting world of modern day arcade collecting.

Whether you're working with an unlimited budget, or are the collector looking for the best deals that won't break the bank, here at Pac-Rats we specialize in working with collectors with all focus intentions.

Where to start is often a question we get asked. Many collectors find the thrill of acquiring some of the highly desirable collectibles from the arcade era as priority number one. From marquees to bezels, artwork and everything in between, there is an expansive world of wonder when looking to add to or start your collection.

Q-bert Original Arcade Marquee Lightbox - Gottlieb
One of our more popular items is our custom marquee lightboxes. Professionally crafted with high quality materials, back lit just as it was featured on your favorite arcade cabinet or pinball machine from back in the day, our marquee lightboxes are designed to showcase your favorite game's marquee in the best way possible, perfect for your game room, man cave or office.

Along side our custom lightboxes, we offer a wide array of original and reproduction arcade artwork, bezels and marquees, the perfect acquisition for the gamer in your life, or for someone looking to refurbish an original arcade cabinet back to it's former glory.

Mario Bros. Original Arcade Marquee - Nintendo
At Pac-Rats we strive to offer gamers and collectors alike the best in retro arcade collecting. We are always expanding and adding to our inventory. If there's ever a piece you're looking for, but can't find, feel free to drop us a line or contact us, we are continually acquiring new pieces daily and more than likely have exactly what it is your looking for.

Reminder - check us out at Awesome Con in Washington, D.C., May 29th - 31st - 2015!